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My name is Brandon Webb: This is My Battle With Cancer

How well do you all know the leader of our tribe? Did you know that I battle cancer on a daily basis? This battle has led me to view life through the lens that tomorrow is not promised. This testimony is for the folks who question my drive, say I have no chill, who are thrown off by my never give up attitude.

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Lights All Night Welcomed 2017 in Epic Fashion

Lights and lasers flash in the distance as the bass echoes through Dallas Market Hall. I notice the orchestrated lights as I leave the parking garage and walk toward the venue. I’m stoked as I enter Lights All Night, Dallas’ annual New Year’s Eve festival that celebrates Electronic Dance Music. P.L.U.R., the raver’s mantra of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, is in the air and excitement can be seen on the faces waiting to pass through security. Awaiting inside was the ultimate bash to bring in 2017.

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