Welcome to The Electronic Dance Music Dallas-Fort Worth.   My name is Brandon Webb. I am a husband, father, influencer, creator and festival traveler. I have made it my mission to help young people who are misunderstood, living in poverty, or who are in personal crisis.

I have been blessed with a gift to connect with people of any background and my journey has allowed me to bond with people through music. Music is powerful! The family bond formed within the electronic dance music community is like no other. The conversations with strangers and my travels across the country to festivals allow me to see the kindness and good in people.

Launched in August 2015, I founded EDM DFW to connect my friends to attend one of our favorite music festivals in Dallas, Lights All Night.

It all began with the creation of a Facebook group, EDM DFW Festival Family.  This group is the foundation and hub for communication within EDM DFW.  It is our closed community where information and feedback travels freely and in a respectful manner. Our community is very diverse.

Our Mission

EDM DFW will create change and raise awareness to combat inequalities in education and poverty in the Dallas Area. Our main focus is working with Dallas area children and Electronic Dance Music is our bridge.

Our Values

EDM DFW was founded on the five basic values of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility.  Living the values is a minimum standard within our company culture. These values are the foundation for the relationships we build in DFW.

Find out how to join the team here.