17632222_1840353266231900_4819153295253211692_oThe Electronic Dance Music Group of Dallas Fort Worth provides music news coverage, event management, and entertainment services. Other services offered include public relations, event promotions, and social media management services.


EDM DFW Stage1We have a positive and interactive online community built on our passion for music. Charitable giving is also a big part of our company sponsored events. Music is the bridge that unites us to give back.


Our Brands


One City Music & Art Festival

Trill Talk Radio

TTR Stage and Art.jpg

Our Mission

EDM DFW will create change and raise awareness to combat inequalities in education and poverty in the Dallas Area. Our main focus is working with Dallas area children and Electronic Dance Music is our bridge.

Our Values

EDM DFW was founded on the five basic values of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Responsibility.  Living the values is a minimum standard within our company culture. These values are the foundation for the relationships we build in DFW.

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