Wynnwood: The Urban Aesthete’s Paradise


Do you call yourself a lover of art?  If so, then Wynnwood Art District is the place for you.  Located North of Downtown Miami, The Wynnwood Art District is an urban paradise between I-95 and Northeast 1st Ave.

My first experience with this neighborhood is similar to many.  I caught a glimpse of the neighborhood as I was trying to navigate the traffic of I-95 North.  Yo, the traffic is serious! As you dodge and swerve, the vibrant colors catch your eye. People are walking and exploring. It will naturally spark your curiosity. What is that over there???

Let’s be honest, this is a prime example of urban gentrification at it’s finest, but it created a haven for art. You are in the city, but it is relatively safe. It’s no different from any other major city that has glimpses of the cities past mixed with new urban development.  For my Dallasites, this neighborhood is Deep Ellum straight out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Wynnwood is also home to the Art Basel Wynnwood Wall. These walls form a labyrinth of contemporary art encompassing the theme of “Fear Less”. This title is fitting for the people viewing the art. They are as diverse as the color palette on the walls.  What a great message for humanity.

The Wynnwood Art Walk, which happens Second Saturdays, allows the crowd to take to the streets from 6 pm to 10 pm to view art, dance, and to be a community. There are many options for eats as well.  Coyo Taco, Wood Tavern, Shots, Sidebar and 1306. These are a few options among many.  Plus, you are not far from the downtown nightlife.

Wynnwood has spirit. The spirit of a community was noticed immediately from the art warehouse workers, local breweries, power lunchers, Fitbitters, pro and amateur photojournalists. It’s the art.  It overwhelms you. You become a part of it. This theme caught on quick and it is known internationally.

Put this on your list of to do’s when you come to Miami.