Who Are You Raving With?


If you are like me, then you rang in the New Year with your rave family at Lights All Night! If you didn’t attend lights all night then I’m sure you saw how awesome it was on Snapchat.  Deadmau5, Zedd, Kill the Noise, and 12th Planet are only some of the people who killed it during their sets. One of my favorite parts about Lights All Night ( besides the music of course) are various different people you encounter. The people are what make the scene so unique and one of a kind. Here are the five people you’ll meet at Lights All Night:

   1.   Your Elders: Yes, you read that right I said your elders. These people resemble your parents or maybe your old high school teacher. They have probably been raving since before you were born or they’re going through a mid-life crisis. Either way, they are down to rage just as much as you.

What You Can Learn From Them: Age ain’t nothing but a number to these people. They have fun no matter what. Whether they were around for warehouse parties o  they just learned what PLUR is, they have a lot of love for the scene.

2.   The Kandi Kids: Yes most people have at least one piece of kandi on them but I’m talking about the people decked out in kandi. They have kandi bracelets, cuffs, perlers, bras, headbands, garters; kandi everything basically.You can barely see these people’s arms. They are more than happy to trade with you except that pink one on the left, and you can bet there’s a long backstory behind it too.

What You Can Learn From Them: These people put a lot of time and effort into what they do. They do not take the easy way out or half ass anything they do. These people also have a great deal of patience. If you have ever tried to make the most basic type of kandi you will know that it takes forever just to make one. One the best things about these people is that they’re creative and kids at heart.

3.   The Shufflers: You see them, getting it on the dance floor, in their own world and they are loving every minute of it. They can range from good, amazing, to maybe a little weird. Regardless of how it looks, you can’t say they can’t dance.

What You Can Learn From Them: Not only can they show you how to dance; but they can show you how to dance confidently and without a care. No matter how effortless the shuffling may seem, it takes a lot of skill to get even the most basic move down. These people are the definition of dedicated and the music really speaks to their soul.

4.    The Loner: This person really loves the music. They don’t need friends or anyone to have a good time. They may be veterans or newbie. Don’t be afraid to approach them! They’re probably the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

What You Can Learn From Them: These people give no f**ks in the best way possible.You flaked on their plans but guess what; they’re still going out. If all their friends hate EDM but guess what, they don’t care. These people exude confidence and truly appreciate the music.

The Wolf Pack: This is the complete opposite of the loner. You can find this conga line of people trying to make their way to the front of the stage. They start bouncing around and they’re all recording the set for the snap. Their snapchat story is over 200 seconds long because by the way; they had to capture, ” every moment”. Oh and you can bet they have coordinated outfits.

What you can learn from them: These people know how to stick together and are a real family. They know how to keep in touch with people and how to not let someone go. There is usually a mom or dad type of figure in the group looking after everyone.