EDM DFW’s Lights All Night Playlist: Night Two

Night two of Lights All Night takes place Saturday, December 30th with some of the hottest DJ’s in the Electronic Dance Music industry. Dallas starts the New Year’s celebration early at Dallas Market Hall.  We created a playlist featuring songs from all artists performing on night two of Lights All Night.  This will help you get familiar with the unique sounds of all the DJ’s and producers that are performing. Set times and stages have been announced. Dig in to the tunes to decide where you will be once the music starts. LAN revamped the floor plan which features two stages, Supernova and Satellite. Check out the sneak peak of the stages below in a video LAN posted on Facebook.



Night Two Performers


AC Slater

Seven Lions



Maxo Kream


Morgan Page



Holly b2b Sayer

Niko The Kid

Brothel b2b Essex



Lights All Night Set times

Tickets are available for Lights All Night and can be purchased as two-day tickets or single day tickets. Check out the LAN website for details on availability of tickets as well as finding out what items are allowed vs. prohibited.  Take it from our crew of festival travelers, it’s always better to know before you go in order to avoid any unexpected surprises when going through security. Ravers make the most amazing costumes and totems. Avoid the bummer of not being allowed in with something you spent hours working on.  Make sure you read the guidelines!

Lights All Night Details

Date: December 29th & 30th

Location: Dallas Market Hall


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