Euphoria Music Festival: Texas’ Premier Camping Festival

trillateuphoria“Go to Euphoria Brandon, it’s just different. You need a camping experience in your life. Plus, it’s Texas…”

These are the words my good friend Geoff Kitchens told me before I decided to make a plunge into the camping festival world.  I’ve traveled across the country. I’ve been to massives, raves, music festivals and concerts, but I never camped at the festival.

The Euphoria Music Festival team provided me with an opportunity to enjoy all aspects of their experience.  I was floored with the hospitality from the entire staff and my fellow attendees of the event.

tentsetup.jpgWord to the wise, setting up your tent at night can be quite hilarious, so I advise setting up your tent in the day.  Either way, the music and bass pumping in the background made the whole campground setup seem like a breeze.

foodThe items you pack for your trip are of utmost importance.  A camping festival differs in that there is no hotel room to go back to.  While there is a general store set up on the campgrounds, I advise creating a checklist of items you need which includes food, toiletries, and other personal items.

I like to grub so I brought enough snacks and food for me and to share with the occasional camper who you will no doubt meet and share an hour long conversation with.  Who knows when a case of the munchies will hit you so no worries on overstocking with food.  Plus it will save you money at the festival.

Speaking of toiletries, those who have never camped ask, “what about showers?”

VIP camping had showers, air conditioned restrooms to increase your comforts while camping.  I would advise waking up early to beat the crowd looking to get fresh and clean for the day.  The shower and restroom situation is definitely a case of, who is first gets the better experience. Facts

campgroundUpon entering the festival grounds I knew it was different.  Euphoria Fest is spacious! Mitch Morales, Founder of Euphoria, told Trill Talk Radio his team took the effort to improve the flow of traffic and space at the venue.  In other words, their team listened to the feedback they received in order to enhance the experience.   Kudos!

The campgrounds at Euphoria were clean, never trashy and the campers lived the mantra of “Leave No Trace”.  The area I was in was always clean as every camper took ownership and was responsible for their area.  That says a lot about the character of a person too when they take care of their surroundings and this beautiful planet.

The people of Euphoria were friendly.  The number of people willing to spark up a conversation made for a fun time and a pleasant surprise.  The campground is where it’s at.  It was about community. That sense of community will bring me back to find my Euphoria again in 2018.  There were so many good-natured and caring folks walking the campground.   Good people: hippies,

Good people: Hippies, wooks, ravers, campers, festival travelers all under the beautiful skies of Austin, Texas.


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