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The people who bring EDM DFW to life have created a new weekly segment sharing our diverse taste in music.  Our musical taste is expansive and  that musical diversity crosses all types of genres.  In fact, to hell with genres.  We enjoy the discovery of new music and the conversation that follows.

Music discovery is one of my favorite things to discuss.  Friends, family, strangers, anyone could introduce you to a new sound. This week, Chicago resident Meeno Chung introduces us to Rezz.

Meeno travels across the country following new sounds and festival experiences. Living in Chicago, the home of House Music, I envy the history around him as images of Frankie Knuckles comes to mind.  During one of our conversations, he asked me if I had heard of an artist making noise out of Niagra Falls. I had no clue but he was talking about Rezz.  “She is someone you should listen to, especially since you’re into Dark techno right now.”  Meeno was hip to Rezz since early 2016 and attended the Chicago stop of her tour at The Mid. That conversation sparked my curiosity and I jumped down the rabbit hole of FacebookSoundcloud, Apple Music and Instagram to find out more about this unique sound.

Her latest EP, Something Wrong Here, was released on Mau5trap records. The six-track EP was released in early October 2016.  Her sound crosses many genres and is sophisticated as it is fierce.  The comparisons to Trent Reznor are valid as noted in a Thump interview. Something Wrong Here features vocals from Laura Brehm on the track Melancholy. My favorite Rezz track at the moment is Edge, which is embedded in the SoundCloud player above.  Give Rezz a listen and let’s start the conversation.

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