Destructo Does Dallas

Gary Richards aka Destructo

Gary Richards, known to music fans as Destructo, put in some serious work over the weekend in Dallas, TX. Born on New Year’s Eve, Destructo celebrated his birthday with Dallas-Fort Worth dance music fans. Known for his G-House production and futuristic ear for music, Destructo performed at Lights All Night and then kept the party going at Lizard Lounge. The party lasted deep into the AM with music fans filled both venues to work it out on the dance floor.

Lights All Night, the two day music festival in Dallas, featured Destructo on the Satellite stage. Destructo worked the crowd with a mix of G-House, Tech House and West Coast Hip Hop.  The talented producer and DJ is known for working with  some of the best rappers in the game. His newest single “Bassface” is a House infused track which reminds you of the warehouse rave vibes.

After his performance at Lights All Night, the party continued at Lizard Lounge, Dallas’ longest running dance music club. This was a special night for Destructo as it was his birthday. The birthday boy was quick to get the crowd involved with the celebration at Lizard Lounge. Watch the video above as he invites Dallas fans to the stage while he did his thing behind the decks. The experiece allowed fans to dance and get up close an personal with a music pioneer. It is always refreshing to see artists who care so much about the fan experience.

This is due to the fact that Gary Richards is not only a musician. He wears so many hats but most importantly he is a Boss. He is the President of LiveStyle North America which is the culmination of his hard work producing events, breaking new talent, and building relationships within the music industry. He is the Founder of HARD Events (2007) which includes HARD Summer and HolyShip! Under his lead and vision, LiveNation became a suitor and purchased HARD Events in 2012. He scaled HARD Summer from an attendance of 10,000 fans to over 100,000 music lovers in attendance. That is not an easy feat even with serious financial backing. His new position with LiveStyle allows him to take the reigns of the EDM company’s North American ventures.

It takes supreme vision and creativity to provide an engaging experience for fans. The hardest part is not being afraid of failure and making the attempt. One the most inspiring stories about Gary Richards is an LA Weekly article that discusses his first attempt at throwing an event after a long hiatus. Things may not go as planned but it’s all about how you handle the adversity you are given. He has shown he is not scared to attempt new things. The next chapter in his career with LiveStyle will be interesting. Gary’s story is one of vision, perseverance and patience. He found his calling in dance music and continues to level up his game along with the expectations of music fans and executives.

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