One City Music & Art Festival 2018

One City Music & Art Festival

One City Music & Art Festival 2018

One City Music & Art Festival enters its second year with a two day event at The Parker Plantation in Denton, TX on September 15th and 16th.  One City is a two day event featuring DJ’s, and producers from all genres of dance music and infuses those futuristic sounds with art created from people who live within our community. We are dedicated to becoming the premier platform for musical talent, artist and local businesses who are in tune with the electronic dance music community within Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our second year brings us new opportunities to create a unique experience for our community. The most notable difference is the event’s move to an outdoor venue.  The Parker Plantation, owned and operated by a local family, introduces their new venue to the public with One City Music & Art Festival being one of the first events held on their grounds.

Our Motto is “Party With A Purpose”. We believe we can help our community while doing what we love most; spreading positivity through music, creativity and self-expression.  We will always give back to a local charity or non-profit in the cities we serve. This year we have a dedicated area for local non-profits to get the word out about the awesome things they are doing in the community.

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